All Bales are 3x4x8 squares unless otherwise specified!

Prices are included in the above summary chart.

All hay is grouped by type and quality with total bale counts and estimated tons shown above.

Each lot also has a bale count and pictures respectively.

PicturesLOT #General DescriptionGroupPrice per TonRFVProteinNotesRain Nearest TownBales Available
PicturesSS16Good Alfalfa 110-135 RFV3$220122152nd Cutting Mature, Baby KoshiaNoWinner, SD71
SS32Good Alfalfa 110-135 RFV3$220NANA1st Cutting Alfalfa with Some GrassYesWinner, SD12
PicturesT16Good Alfalfa 110-135 RFV3$22012116.772nd Cutting AlfalfaNoWinner, SD48
PicturesWS25Good Alfalfa 110-135 RFV3$22011715.741st Cutting, Full BloomNoWinner, SD22
PicturesT01Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANA60% Alfalfa 40% GrassNoWinner, SD140
PicturesT02Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANA60% Alfalfa 40% GrassNoWinner, SD138
PicturesT03Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANAOk Color 85% GrassNoWinner, SD138
PicturesT12Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANAGood Mixed HayNoWinner, SD138
PicturesT13Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANAVery GreenNoWinner, SD138
PicturesT15 southAlfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANASouth 50%/50%NoWinner, SD61
PicturesWS19Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANA70% Grass 30% AlfalfaNoWinner, SD70
PicturesWS20Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANA60% Alfalfa 40% GrassNoWinner, SD97
PicturesWS20.5Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANA60% Alfalfa 40% GrassNoWinner, SD99
PicturesWS21Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANA60% Alfalfa 40% GrassNoWinner, SD91
PicturesWS22Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANA70% Alfalfa 30% GrassNoWinner, SD100
PicturesWS23Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANA80% Alfalfa 20% GrassNoWinner, SD95
PicturesWS26Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANAGood HayNoWinner, SD76
ws118Alfalfa Grass Mix5$235NANAGood HayNoWinner, SD59
PicturesSS06Great Grass6$210NANAGood Grass Hay NoWinner, SD100
PicturesSS07Great Grass6$210NANAGood Grass Hay NoWinner, SD107
PicturesSS26Great Grass6$210NANAMeadow GrassNoWinner, SD67
PicturesSS29Great Grass6$210NANAGrass with Little AlfalfaNoWinner, SD46
PicturesSS30Great Grass6$210NANAGrassNoWinner, SD60
PicturesSS31Great Grass6$210NANAGrass with Little AlfalfaNoWinner, SD97
PicturesSS32Great Grass6$210NANAGrass with Little AlfalfaNoWinner, SD85
PicturesT04Great Grass6$210NANAPrairie GrassNoWinner, SD126
PicturesT16Great Grass6$210NANAPrairie GrassNoWinner, SD90
PicturesT19Grass7$190NANAPrairie GrassNoWinner, SD126
PicturesT21Grass7$190NANAPrairie GrassNoWinner, SD150
PicturesT22Grass7$190NANAPrairie GrassNoWinner, SD150
PicturesT23Tall WheatGrass10$180NANAVery Little WeedsNoWinner, SD30
PicturesT24Tall WheatGrass10$180NANAVery Little WeedsNoWinner, SD138
PicturesT25Tall WheatGrass With Some Weeds11$180NANAWeeds and Alfalfa Mixed InNoWinner, SD126
PicturesT26Tall WheatGrass With Some Weeds11$180NANAWeeds and Alfalfa Mixed InNoWinner, SD144
PicturesO101Cornstalks13$110NANAunder 10% moisture. 68Inch 5 x 6 rounds.
3 wraps netwrap
NoHitchcock, SD300
SS19Random Hay17---NANARANDOM HayYesWinner, SD10
PicturesT27Poor Hay18$120NANASlew GrassNoWinner, SD93
PicturesWS27Poor Hay18$120NANAGrinding HayYesWinner, SD82
PicturesWS27Poor Hay18$120NANAGrinding HayYesWinner, SD82
WS217Random Hay17---NANARANDOM HAYYesWinner, SD30